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Governor Rick Perry Announces Expansion of Texas Amber Alert

If a child is abducted in Lubbock, law agencies are ready to respond with the Amber Alert network. On Monday, Lubbock police are finished with the final step in getting the state wide network ready, but police are not the only ones taking part in the system.

Southwestern Bell, 14 Diamond Shamrock stores, and Cingular wireless are just some of the private companies helping with the Texas Amber Alert. "That's just an additional resource we can rely on disseminate information as quickly as possible because the less time it takes to recover that child and catch the abductor the better off we'll be in the long run," said Corporal John Gonzalez with the Department of Public Safety.

Private industry participation is happening across the state as well. Governor Rick Perry hopes this move will add thousands of telephone and electric technicians, convenience store clerks, motel clerks and other workers in the search for an abducted child. "Well, it helps us because there will be that many more eyes and ears, anything that meets this criteria in this situation we're pulling all our resources. The amber alert covers a 200 mile radius and concern is speed and to have all these people out looking," said Lt. Lance Slack, Juvenile Division detective.

When the Amber Alert is activated by the police, detailed information about the suspect and child will be sent to the media, law agencies and private companies within 200 miles of the search zone. But before an amber alert is even issued, police say the situation will have to meet certain criteria.

  • The child must be 17 years or younger.
  • Police must believe the child has been taken without parental permission.
  • The child has to be in danger, and police need enough information about the child
  • The suspect's vehicle in order to make a public alert.
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