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Lubbockite Warns Others About Home Security Concerns

A Lubbock woman feels she's been the target of deceptive business practices, and now she's warning others not to fall for it. 

The concern comes from two home security companies with very similar names, Pinnacle Protection and Pinnacle Security.  Both offer service across the South Plains, but Dena Paden says one took advantage of her.

Paden had a security system from Pinnacle Protection. Then, last Saturday, she says a service man came and told her he needed to upgrade her system. She says he identified himself as being from Pinnacle. The problem, Paden says he was with Pinnacle Security. Now, she's cleaning up what could have been a costly mess. "They were representing themselves as Pinnacle Protection when they were truly Pinnacle Security," Paden said. 

Paden tells NewsChannel 11 a representative from Pinnacle Security mislead her into changing her home security service. She says the representative told her he was doing an upgrade; she believed it was on her current system. Then after the new system had been installed, Paden says the representative told her she'd need to cancel her previous service.  "Until then, I didn't actually realize I was switching companies," Paden said. 

Ken Nauman owns Pinnacle Protection here in Lubbock.  It's the company Paden already had and the one she thought was being upgraded. Nauman says they've received several calls from across the South Plains with the same story as Paden. "Competition is okay in any market you're in. I'm not saying I don't want competition, but come into town and do it the right way," Nauman said. 

"I'm not aware of such conduct with our sales representatives," K. Adam Christian Jr. with Pinnacle Security said.  He tells NewsChannel 11 they're not doing anything wrong. He says his representatives are doing their jobs, and he doesn't know of any complaints about their service.  "We pride ourselves as a company of integrity; we're serious about the ethical conduct of our sales representatives, and if we ever discover that a sales representative is not upholding him or herself up to the ethical standards that we've outlined, then we take corrective action," Christian said. 

Paden canceled her contract with the new company - Pinnacle Security, before penalties could be accessed. She kept her contract with her previous provider - Pinnacle Protection. If she would have canceled that contract, Paden would still have had to pay out the contract term.  Fortunately, things worked out for her, but Paden says she still feels like she was lied to.  "I feel that, because they weren't clear about what company they were actually representing, I truly do feel like it was a scam and trying to get people to switch over to a company," Paden said. 

Pinnacle Security is based in Utah. We checked, and they have a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau in Utah. We did discover 63-complaints involving their sales practices, but the BBB reports all have been resolved.  The BBB in Utah did not have any complaints about Pinnacle Security from Lubbock.

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