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Expensive Tows Anger Fans

Dozens of people found themselves stranded after Saturday's football game. "This is absolutely ridiculous that they would come in and ruin the first home game that we got here at Tech," said one lady, who had her car towed. Many people say they thought it was all right to park in the North Overton area, but they were misled. "They said that we could park here for $5," one man said, who had his car towed. "Probably about 50 cars in each lot, didn't think anything of it," said another stranded fan. "The signs. It doesn't say anything about the lots and it just has arrows indicating what would be the streets," said another angry girl who was without a car.

37 cars were towed by the Texas State Legal Services wrecking service. Despite the angry customers, they say they were just doing their job. "There are several reasons why they were towed. Number one, and the main one, is a liability issue. It is a demolition area that the property is being torn down. If anybody was to get hurt, automobiles were to get damaged, the owners of the property could be held liable for it," says Larry Snodgrass, owner of the Texas State Legal Services Wrecking Service. They're contracted by the construction company in the Overton area. "Pretty much patrol the area, advice as many people as we can, 'Don't park on that property or you will be towed," says Snodgrass.

McDougal properties, though they own much of the North Overton land, is not part of the contract. But Marc McDougal does say, in hindsight, more probably could've been done to prevent this problem, but no one ever expected this many cars to park in the Overton Area. "A lot of aggravation," says one woman, who had to pay $121.56 to get her car out of impound, just like everyone else. "It was just a huge inconvenience, a huge hassle. I was also with some Ol' Miss people and some people from out of town and unfortunately they don't think very highly of Lubbock now."

Marc McDougal says there's only one legitimate pay parking lot in the Overton area. It is located at 5th St. and University. He also says people from his company will be patrolling the North Overton area this weekend, on the look-out for fraudulent parking lots.

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