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Simple Test To Determine Your Real Body Age

Do you look and feel your age? Or do you look and feel younger or older than you really are? There are a lot of factors to take into account when you're searching for your real body age, not the number that comes with each birthday. It's the age that your body looks from the inside.

Dr. Robert Huizenga is a consultant on the NBC television show "The Biggest Looser" and is also the author of the book "Where Did All the Fat Go?" He says that weight especially around the middle section of the body is a big ager, even for people as little as 15-pounds overweight.

"That's the stuff that hurts you cause you've got fat infiltrated around your liver, around your intestines and that's the stuff that does bad things in terms of markedly increasing your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer," says Huizenga

There is a San Diego based "Real Age" test that uses a complicated formula, based on thousands of different scientific studies that helps people to assess their biological age online. It looks at dozens of factors, but weight is a big one. According to the real age formula, your waistline should measure less than half your body height.

If your waistline is more than half of your body height, your weight could be a factor making you age faster. You can take this online test by (clicking here).

Again, an easy way to test yourself without a computer is to measure your waistline (the part around the middle) and that should be less than half of how tall you are in inches.

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