Inches-A-Weigh: FAQ

What makes Inches-A-Weigh different from other weight loss centers?

We are the only weight loss center to utilize our unique 3-Phase Program which encompasses Nutritional Counseling, Body Sculpting and Cardiovascular Fitness. We have found that this combination provides healthier and faster weight loss than any other singular diet or exercise facility.

How does your system teach me to live a healthier lifestyle?

We strive to improve your overall health by incorporating three important factors into your everyday life: Nutrition, Body Sculpting ad Cardiovascular Efficiency. We start with counseling and on-on-one instruction in each. Once these elements become routine, you will be well on your way to leading and maintaining your own, healthy lifestyle.

How fast will I see a change in my body?

That is up to you and your level of commitment. Our 3-Phase Program guarantees both weight loss and inch loss. If you follow our program, you can lose 1.5 lbs. per week (starting on week one) and 8-15 inches in the first three weeks. How's that for incentive!

What if I have a special needs diet?

One-on-one nutritional counseling is part of our program. Your qualified Nutrition Counselor will formulate a unique diet based on your specific needs. She can suggest any number of Inches-A-Weigh products and also teach you how to make smart, healthy choices with your restrictions, whether you're cooking at home or out to eat.

What is the cost of your program?

No two people are alike, and for this reason, we individualize all our programs. We will invite you to come in as a guest for your free complimentary figure analysis. We will be able to determine your needs in our three phase figure correction program and exactly how much your cost will be.

Will I have to purchase my food from you?

No, you will work with a qualified Nutrition Counselor who will formulate a unique diet based on your specific needs. She will also teach you how to make smart, healthy choices whether you're cooking at home or out to eat.

Do I have to take Diet Pills?

No, we strive to develop long-term life style patterns for weight loss. Diet Pills do not encourage long-term life style change.

I have never exercised long term.

Benefits are achieved no matter what your current level of activity or inactivity is.