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Towing Will Continue in Overton Area

A company partially owned by McDougal Companies will keep its verbal agreement with a towing company. Texas State Legal Services towed 37 cars in the North Overton area during the Tech game this past Saturday. Many fans complained that they were illegally towed.

Mark Murdock with McDougal Companies says they've looked at information from the towing company, and everything seems legitimate. The week to week agreement will continue indefinitely. So with Tech at home this Saturday, what is McDougal Companies doing to make sure this problem doesn't happen again?

Murdoch says McDougal Companies is making some changes this weekend to make sure it doesn't.  For instance, barricades on the streets of North Overton. "When that barricading would take place, well then that would bar people from even moving down the streets," says Murdock. 

They also want to prevent scam artists from setting up in North Overton. Many people who were towed said they paid money thinking it was all right to park there. "The Lubbock Police Department will have an officer dedicated to that area this weekend, who'll be there from before game time utnil after game time to be certain that some of these things that happened that were fraudulent would not happen again," says Murdock. 

Murdock says the towing situation on Saturday was unfortunate and unforseen. "We would like to avoid this situation from happening again."

Many people who were towed said signs weren't placed properly and they were misled to think they could park in the lots.  McDougal Companies tells us that as of Tuesday afternoon, some of the signs actually were placed illegally, but that no one was towed as a result of improperly placed signs. However, all signs are being moved by this weekends game.

City investigators are looking into the complaints made by some of those fans that were towed. If you feel like you were towed improperly this weekend, call Sargeant Danny Holder at the Lubbock Police Department at (806) 775-2870.

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