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Kids' Vision Problems May Be to Blame for Learning Disabilities

Kids like seven year-old Max who tested okay at a vision screening, but was still having trouble in school. "I wasn't concentrating on the board cause my eyes weren't really working very well," says 7-year-old Max Alcobi.

"Some kids are labeled as learning disabled, ADD or AD/HD, or some are just labeled as lazy, they don't want to do the work. The child could act up in school because it's hard for them to concentrate up close, hard for them to focus, hard to keep their eyes on the page," says Dr. Ida Chung, an Optometrist.

It turns out, Max was Farsighted, which means he could read the eye chart at his doctor's office, but his eyes couldn't work together in close up stuff like reading. It's estimated that one in five children are like Max who struggle with some vision problem that may be hurting their school performance.

So, according to the Children's Vision Information Network, here's a checklist for symptoms that may indicate your child has a learning relateld vision problem:

  1. Read below their grade level
  2. Have trouble comprehending
  3. Avoid reading
  4. Confuse words they should know
  5. Lose their place when they follow a line of print
  6. Need a lot of breaks during homework
  7. Tire quickly when they read
  8. Rub their eyes or suffer from eye strain
  9. Complain of blurred print
  10. Tilt their heads at an angle to read
  11. Have difficulty copying from the board
  12. Complain of headaches
  13. Struggle with eye-hand coordination
  14. Have poor handwriting

If you think your child has five or more of these symptoms, it's recommended that you check with an optometrist to see if the problem is vision related. If you'd like more information or to locate a Developmental Optometrist in your area, you can contact the National Certifying Board at the College of Optometrists in Vision Development at 1-888-268-3770 or you can (click here).

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