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More Local Coverage 9.17

Railroad Commissioner Charles Matthews says people need to be more aware of railroad crossings. Matthews met with Lubbock Police and a Lubbock Independent School District representative Tuesday. He says train accidents are on the rise, specifically in Lubbock.

"We're here because Lubbock has had an increase in the number of accidents. Last year, the whole year, you only had one. Already this year you already had three collisions, and this is just something we absolutely can prevent and we're trying to help do that, said Matthews.

Matthews says 3/4 of the train accidents in Texas happen when the lights are flashing and bells are ringing.

As the November election approaches, the Texas Secretary of State is asking people to get out and vote. The reason is less than half of registered voters in the US participated in the 1998 election. Here in Lubbock the numbers were similar. Only one 1/3 of the registered voters went to the polls. The deadline to register for the November 5th election is October 7th.

Several of Lubbock's African American pastors met Tuesday at Lyons Chapel Baptist Church. The group heard presentations from the Lubbock Fire Department on the importance of smoke detectors. They also heard presentations from Texas Tech on upcoming programs and events.

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