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Serial Bank Robber's Loot Confiscated

A serial bank robber will stand trial for his crimes. Late Tuesday afternoon, 40-year-old Lubbock resident Timothy Gould was indicted on numerous federal charges including four counts of armed robbery.

Gould was captured last Thursday and is now facing 190 years in prison if convicted on all counts of Tuesday's indictment. Investigators say this is all playing out like the ending of a Hollywood movie.

The end of the line for accused serial bank robber Timothy Gould came last Thursday. He was arrested after allegedly robbing a Bank of America in Austin. Police used tracking devices placed in the bag of stolen money to find him, surround his hotel, and in dramatic fashion eventually make the arrest. "Christmas came early for us in a package delivered by the Austin Police Department. This really puts an end to a menace that's been a pain in our side for a long time," says Lubbock Detective Roy Vieregge.

He has been tracking the same robber, nicknamed the 'Saturday Bandit', for three years now with no luck. Investigators say Gould stole more than $700,000 dollars in his three years of robbing banks and credit unions throughout the state of Texas including four here in Lubbock. All of them were hit early in the morning, usually on Saturday, as the first employees arrived.

Last Friday, at Gould's Lubbock home, investigators confiscated a number of high dollar items including a brand new Chevy Suburban with DVD players and monitors in both seat backs, and a late model Harley Davidson. Investigators say the bandit's greed ultimately led to his arrest. They describe his home as immaculate, his personality as an obsessive compulsive perfectionist and his crimes as meticulous and painstakingly planned.

Investigators concede he got away with more than most robbers do, but they say even the best eventually get caught. "I think the lesson learned from this would be: If you commit serial bank robbery, no matter how good you are, you're liable to end up facing 190 years in the federal penitentiary," says U.S. Attorney Dick Baker.

"There are those that use Hollywood movies as training videos, but they always seem to forget that the robbers always get caught," says FBI Supervisor Miles Burden. Investigators say it's important to remember that there were victims in this case who feared for their lives. Other items confiscated from Gould's home include dark clothing, black masks, firearms, backpacks, plastic ties, tools and police scanners, all of which the police say make up what they call a quote, 'robbery kit'.

So far, they've recovered more than $100,000 in money and goods. That of course leaves about $600,000 in stolen money unaccounted for so far, but the FBI says the paper trail will take time to investigate.

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