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A Longer Lasting Alternative to Botox

Botox can wipe away the wrinkles in your forehead but it is a continued investment.  When it wears off in a few months, you have to go back for more injections.  Some people are opting for something that offers a permanent solution that may be more economical in the end- a "mini-brow lift" to remove the muscles that cause lines in the forehead.

Plastic surgeon Zachary Gerut, M.D., says, "You make two little incisions, you get to those muscles, which is very easy, you remove them and put some filler in to replace them, such as some fat, and you're done.  This is a little paradoxical because usually people have Botox to avoid surgery and here's surgery to avoid Botox -- but it is effective and it's a heck of a lot cheaper in the long run.  It costs about as much as two years of Botox and you never need it again".

The procedure takes about an hour and patients can be awake or asleep for the procedure.  Dr. Gerut says that most people are able to return to their routines in a couple of days, although there may still be some swelling or bruising.  There is a small risk of infection and bleeding after the surgery and sometimes a feeling of numbness in the middle of the forehead that can last a few weeks.

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