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Red Raider Fans Thinking Positive About Saturday's Game

The Red Raiders may not be in town this weekend, but it certainly doesn't feel that way and West Texans are ready for some football.

Whether you are in the stands or watching it on the big screen, it seems like everybody has the same plans for Saturday night. "We are going down there tonight (Friday) and stay with some friends and see if we can get some scalp tickets or something cheap right before the game maybe," said one student. 

"We're going to try to go to Buffalo Wild Wings maybe get a group together to check it out.  We couldn't make it to Norman, too many tests, but now we are getting prepared for it. We're going to be there in spirit," said another student.   

Students aren't the only ones pumped up for Tech football; it seems to be what everyone is talking about. The Red Raiders even made the front page of Friday's USA Today. 

But the Tech fan base extends much farther than the borders of West Texas. "California a few up north, definitely shipping all over, especially all over Texas and to Oklahoma," said Samantha Nicks with Red Raider Outfitters.    

Everybody wants to get their hands on anything Red Raider. "For this game we have been selling out every day for the game day shirts over the internet and in the store.  We've been selling them like crazy. People going out of town want to wear them.  The car flags too have been selling, people just want to show their spirit all the way down there," said Nicks.   

And even though Tech is ranked higher than the Oklahoma Sooners, Raider fans know a win won't come easy, but they still have faith. "I'm saying it's going to be a pretty low scoring game, but I think tech is going to come out on top," said a Tech student.  "We're going to blow them out, 3 touchdown win," said another.   

Faith that's solidified by school spirit that these tech students say will never die. "Proud to be Texas Tech, there ain't no where else to go."

Kickoff is at 7pm Saturday.

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