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Texas Coverage 9.18

A Texas woman was behind bars on Wednesday after allegedly smuggling a pregnant woman from Mexico into the United States. Authorities say this smuggling is part of an illegal adoption scheme the woman was running. Police arrested 53 year-old Maria Dolores Bondoc on Tuesday during a raid at her home. Police say that Bondoc smuggled pregnant Mexican women into the United States and then sold their babies in an illegal adoption scheme.

Governor Rick Perry helped commission a brand new state of the art Coast Guard Cutter Wednesday in Corpus Christi. The cutter is an 87 foot patrol boat that will dock in Corpus Christi. The boat will perform search and rescue missions as well as patrol for drugs and illegal aliens up to 200 miles off shore.

Meanwhile, most Corpus Christi residents are dealing with severe flooding along the coast. Experts say the Nueces River won't get to its highest point until Friday. And even when the river does reach its highest level, experts say it will take another week or 10 days for the water to recede.

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