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The Tornado Hose: Does It Work?

When you are in the garden, the last things that you need to mess with are heavy, tangled-up hoses. But some companies are coming up with ways to fix that problem. I have already put one to the test on Does It Work?, called the Roll-Away Hose, and it fell apart. Maybe with the Tornado Hose, I'll have better luck.

The hose costs about $20 which also includes an adjustable spray nozzle. The makers say their recoiling hose can stretch up to 25 feet in length, so I stretched out the hose and measured it out with a tape measure. The hose was 25 feet on the mark.

So far, every claim seemed to be checking out okay, until I turned on the water. After turning on the water, the nozzle by the hose was leaking. I was about to give up on this product and say it didn't work, but I tried out a different water nozzle that didn't come with the package. It worked entirely better than the one that it came with.

You know, the only awkward thing about it is that it pulls you back into the faucet, so you have to fight it, but it's not that bad. The makers say the Tornado Hose will fold neatly back into shape when you're done with it. It did just that.

I do have to say the attachment that does come with it, didn't work, but the Tornado Hose did.

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