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Effective Natural Arthritis Treatment Studied at Baylor

More than 20-million Americans suffer every day from arthritis pain.  Researchers at Baylor say relief may come in the fofm of a lot of flavor.  They have been studying the pain relieving properties of cherries by giving arthritis patients cherries, cherry juice, or gel caps containing cherry extract.  Although more study is needed they are finding that many of those patients are already convinced that cherries are natural painkillers.

John Cush, M.D., a rheumatologist with the Baylor Health Care System, says, "Overall, about five out of six patients did very well in this study because cherries have a lot of the same properties that common anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen or naproxen have."

Dr. Cush says one benefit of cherries is that since prescription painkillers can have side effects like stomach ulcers, cherries would offer a more natural way of treating pain.

The study was funded by Baylor Health Care System.

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