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Blox Fabric Protector: Does It Work?

The product we're testing is called Blox Fabric Protector. It claims to stop stains before they start, but Does it Work?

You get three bottles of Blox in your package.  Two of them you add to your wash and the other is a quick spray fabric protector. You get it all for $20.

The makers claim it puts a protective barrier on your clothes. We put a t-shirt and button down shirt in the washing machine and added Blox. You have to add it to the area of your washing machine where you add fabric softener. Also, and make sure you wash your clothes in warm water, which we did. 

Once the clothes were fully dry, we tried to see what Blox is made of. We spilled some fruit punch on the front of one of our pre-washed shirts. Blox made the fruit punch bead up and roll right off the shirt. We did notice a trail of punch left on the shirt and there was a slight stain, but after rubbing it a little, the stain looked better. Compared to a non-treated shirt, it looked much better.

Next we tried ketchup. Some of the ketchup stuck but a lot of it fell right off. It clearly showed that this product works!

This product is not available in stores, to order your own Blox Fabric Protector, click here.

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