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Taking More Painkillers is Not Always Better

Government officials are concerned that Americans don't realize a popular pain reliever like Tylenol can be dangerous when taken in high doses. "There are an excessive number of cases of people who are unintentionally overdosing on Acetim and that can lead to serious liver disease and death," says Dr. John Jenkins. "People need to learn to take the recommended dose and not take more than that," says Dr. Anthony Temple.

A recent FDA review finds nearly 100 people a year die from unintentional overdoses, and thousands of others end up in the emergency room. The is the second time an FDA advisory panel has recommended stronger warnings on Acetaminophen labels.

In 1977 the panel recommended users not to take the drug for more than ten days because of liver damage. The FDA never adopted those warnings.the FDA has required that packages contain warnings not to take the drug if you consume more than three alcoholic drinks, since the combination can cause liver damage.

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