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Fresh Cut Christmas Trees Are A Holiday Tradition For Many

Now that Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday shopping is coming to an end most people are turning their attention to decorating for Christmas. For some artificial trees are the way to go, but for others finding that perfect fresh tree is a holiday tradition.

"It's something we've done traditionally as a family ever since our kids were little," said Jan Kelley.Jan Kelley picks up her fresh Christmas tree every year the day after Thanksgiving.

"We'll buy them on Friday, water them, and set them up and decorate them on Saturday," said Kelley.   

At Little Red Riding Hood Nursery on 34th and Quaker, plenty of fresh cut Christmas trees were shipped in from Washington State on Wednesday and are ready for the holiday rush.

"Tomorrow we'll be busier and next weekend, we'll be the busiest as far as trees go. People have time to get back in town, get their shopping done and then they will worry about the tree," said the Owner of Little Red Riding Hood Nursery Aric Johnson. 

If you plan on getting a fresh Christmas tree this year the most important thing to keep in mind is to keep it watered. 

"The first few days are the most important.  They tend to drink a lot those first few days.  If you let it run dry, you will lose your needles, but if you keep it watered and consistently watered it will stay fresh throughout the month and on," said Johnson. 

Like any fresh plant the placement is also important. In your house there seems to be dryer air, which is going to dry them out faster so keeping them away from a vent or a fireplace will help them stay fresher longer," said Johnson.    

Despite a little extra work, there is something you just can't resist from a fresh cut Christmas tree."It smells good, it feels like Christmas, it's just something we enjoy doing," said Kelley.

Little Red Riding Hood Nursery has a variety of fresh cut Christmas tree.The trees come in all shapes and sizes and the nursery will continue selling them until all are sold out. Several other places, such as Sutherlands, Home Depot, and Lowes are also selling fresh Christmas trees in Lubbock. 

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