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One Farmer's Corn Crop Gives Visitors an Amazing Good Time

The growing season is almost over and that means crops are ready and farmers are heading to the fields to pick them up and make some money. But, one local farmer will not harvest his crop this year. He's leaving it in the field.

Shallowater farmer James Simpson stays busy. "We grow cotton, seed sorghum, German millet, pumpkins, gords, and hay," says Simpson.

You see he grows many crops, but he is most proud of is his corn crop. Simpson does not need a tractor to get through his corn field, what he does need is a map.

His corn field doubles as a giant giant maze. It is 14 acres of corn, and loads of fun. "Patti and I designed it as far as the horse drawn covered wagon, three-dimensional. We send our design to this maze company and they take our drawing and turn it into a maze," says Simpson.

With over four miles of paths and a hundred different decision points getting through it is no picnic. Simpson and his family have been through it, but it wasn't until yesterday that they finally figured out how to get through it. So how long did it take you to get through it?

"Oh, we didn't make it. We turned around and came back out," says Simpson.

It is an easy place to get lost. So Simpson equips his farmhands with walkie talkies, just in case. "The group's that still in there you need to lead them out," Simpson says over the walkie talkie to one of his farmhands.

But with a little help these kids were thrilled to finally make it across the finish line. "I hope they go home and have a better appreciation for farmers," says Simpson.

In fact James has a name for this kind of fun. He calls it agri-tainment, and people like it. "The most encouraging thing is people want to come back and as long as they want to come back we'll keep doing it," says Simpson.

Now if you haven't been out to the maze, you are missing out. It is located two miles east of Shallowater on Farm Market 1294. Or from I-27 you can take the Shallowater exit and go west 6.5 miles on 1294. Admission for adults is $6. Children under 12 are $4 and children under 5 are free. You can call 787-4222 for times of operation and group rates.

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