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Four Fires Leave 28 Homeless, 1 Hospitalized

Over two dozen people are homeless and need your help. That's because since Thursday firefighters have put out four area fires.

The most recent fire was at a North Lubbock home in the 2800 block of Duke St. The fire broke out in the front bedroom of the house. Fire officials tell NewsChannel 11 that a 4-year-old boy was playing with a lighter and caught the bed on fire. In a matter of minutes the family of six was homeless. The Red Cross is assisting this family, and 22 other people, and needs your help.

"Basically you try to put yourself in their place. If that were to happen to me what would I expect?" said Red Cross volunteer Erik Lopez.

Lopez did that just this Monday morning when he responded to a fire in North Lubbock. "There was extensive damage to the home. We met with the family; the mother was dropping off the older children. The father was getting ready for work and saw the house on fire," said Lopez.

 "A little fellow that got a hold of a lighter and was playing with it and started a fire on his bed," said Garett Nelson, Information Management Officer for the Lubbock Fire Department.

As soon as the fire was put out, Lopez and his team went to work. "We provided assistance, place to stay, clothing, jackets and some food - and provided disaster referrals throughout the city of Lubbock," said Lopez.

"The past five days have been hectic," said Bill Curnow, Disaster Chairman for the local Red Cross chapter.

That's because the Red Cross responded to three other fires, like Mondays, that left 22 homeless and sent one person to the hospital.

The other fires occurred in Denver City, Plainview and another in Lubbock County. "The deal with disasters is they come in cycles and spurts. We could be quiet or we could be getting busier," said Curnow.

If you want to help any of the victims from the weekend tragedies you are encouraged to send cash donations to the South Plains Red Cross chapter. They are constantly in need and everything they give comes from the generosity of the community.

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Learn more about the South Plains Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross.

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