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City Secretary Claims Unfair Treatment By City Council

NewsChannel 11 has learned of a dispute between City Council and the City Secretary. Becky Garza has asked for a grievance hearing before City Council because she believes she was treated unfairly in her October job evaluation. 

Documents obtained Monday by NewsChannel 11 indicate that some of the criticism in her evaluation is related to her handling of the failed recall effort of City Council member Linda DeLeon. Garza was told her decision making, situational reasoning, and performance under stress all need improvement. 

Garza wrote a nine page response to city council saying that her evaluation contained inaccuracies and misconceptions. She writes, "This is the only evaluation I have ever received at the city that has such negative implications." She goes on to say that she would delay or forgo a grievance hearing if the city council were to "appropriately correct and revise" the evaluation. 

The response from Mayor Tom Martin was stern. He wrote back, "The charter says you are an 'at will' employee of the council. The council has declined your request for a grievance hearing."

The city council normally does job evaluations of three employees. But since city attorney Anita Burgess left this year for a job in Denton, there are only two.  They are for Garza and for the City Manager Lee Ann Dumbauld. 

Dumbuald's evaluation was mostly positive.  She was complimented for her work on the city budget.  However, council did say she needs to hold her subordinates more accountable.

The 13 page document linked to this story includes the job evaluations of Lee Ann Dumbald and Becky Garza. It also includes a memo from Mayor Tom Martin to Garza.

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City Documents Regarding City Secretary's Evaluation
Read the evaluation of the City Secretary, her response to City Council, and a memo from Mayor Martin to Garza. (Note: Document may take a few moments load. You will need Acrobat to open this file.)

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