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Fans Question Rank Based Tie Breaker

Texas Tech Football's historic season will most likely land them in the Cotton Bowl on January 2nd.

The Big 12 went through five of their seven scenarios to break the three-way tie between Tech, UT and OU. It all came down to the BCS Rankings. The Sooners are #2, the Longhorns are #3, and the Red Raiders are #7. That means Oklahoma will play Missouri for the Big 12 Championship in Kansas City on December 6th.

Most of the people we spoke with Monday say a play-off system would be fairer, but some say Oklahoma stepped up their game and deserves to be in the championship.  "We've had an awesome season, and we get gypped out of it," Texas Tech University Student Ashley Shenefelt said. 

A lot of Tech fans had their fingers crossed, hoping the Red Raiders would make it all the way.  "I am sad that we're not there, but what hurt us in the long run was getting beat so late in the season," Texas Tech University Student Garrett Holder said. 

A hard loss to Oklahoma ended the Big 12 championship dream, but now many question the rankings that put Tech behind Texas. "We beat them, yet we're lower? That just doesn't make sense," Shenefelt said. 

They also question Oklahoma placed ahead of Texas.  "We don't really like it, but I think since we're third, at least UT and OU should play heads-up," Texas Tech University Student Robert Eschenburg said. 

"It comes down to the tie breakers. Had it been two teams tied, it would go head to head, so Tech and Texas, Texas Tech would have got it, but since it's three-way, there's no head to head, and it goes down to the BCS Rankings," NewsChannel 11 Sports Director Pete Christy said. 

"I'm glad they're (Oklahoma) above Texas. I guess they deserve to be above us since they beat us by that large margin. Personally, I feel that since Oklahoma got beat by Texas, they turned into a different football team, and I really think the best if not the second best team in the country. So, I think they deserve where they're at," Holder said. 

"I think it would be better to be a play-off system.  Do it with a play-off system and at least you know without a doubt whose number one," Eschenburg said. 

"To me, you've got to have a play-off. You throw everybody in because every team is going to have a bad day, and Tech had their bad day against Oklahoma," Christy said. 

"I guess, more than likely, we'll end up in the Cotton Bowl, and I've already got tickets.  So, I'm excited about that," Holder said. 

A Cotton Bowl appearance is not definite. If Missouri beats Oklahoma they take the top spot, Oklahoma would probably sneak into the BCS, Texas would probably go to the Cotton Bowl, and Texas Tech would slip to the Holiday Bowl. Count on NewsChannel 11 Sports to keep you updated.

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