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A Warning to Not Skimp on Baby's Formula

When times are tough, you cut corners where you can.  A Florida mother learned the hard way that you do not want to save money by diluting baby formula to make it last longer. Five month old Ladamian Barton is okay now, but he was in a hospital in Tampa Bay near death just a week ago.  His mom noticed a problem after he drank powder formula that she diluted with water to stretch the budget.

Dr. James Orlowski of University Community Hospital says, "Another hour and he would have been dead.  Most of the public doesn't realize the danger of diluting formula so it's more dilute than what's recommended".Dr. Orlowski added that the infant almost died from malnourishment and water intoxication but was treated in time with sodium solution and recovered on a ventilator for two days.

No doubt, this is a lesson to other parents that diluting powder baby formula to make it last longer changes the chemistry in a way that it can be deadly to a baby.


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