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New Way to Look Younger

You have heard people say things like "her face may look young, but look at her hands".  Now, a simple procedure is changing the look of aging hands. 

A new hand rejuvenation treatment makes veiny, boney hands appear smoother and younger looking by injecting filler into the skin. Rebecca Euwer, M.D., a dermatologist, says, "With aging, your skin gets thinner and because the skin gets thinner, the tendons and the blood veins in your hands pop out more".  She adds that, "We're injecting it under the skin of the hands and that's plumping up the skin and it gives an immediate improvement in the appearance of the hands".

Dermatologists today are injecting ‘Radiesse', a dermal filler that adds volume to the skin.  Then, it is massaged into the hand, so it can spread.  The treatment takes about 30 minutes and costs about $1,000 but it only lasts up to a year.  Even so, some people say it's worth every penny to get younger looking hands.

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