About Us

Beverley Onofre is a registered nurse with 30 years experience. Beverley recognized early in her career most of the medical conditions effecting our population were related to obesity, unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise. Beverley is passionate about women's health and patient education has always been a priority for her. Her mission at Inches-A-Weigh is to motivate women to eat healthy and exercise in pursuit of good health and wellness. Beverley knows losing weight will give you more quality life, and make you look and feel younger. While saving you money on healthcare.

Her husband Joe is a physical therapist who has been in private practice for 24 years. He sees people on a daily basis whose bodies are aging faster than they should, due to poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. Joe feels that the Inches-A-Weigh weight loss program is a commonsense approach to helping women realize their dreams of a healthy life.

Both Beverley and Joe maintain their own healthy lifestyle and truly practice what they preach.