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Emergency Management Coordinator Essentially Fired

The City and County Joint Emergency Management Coordinator has essentially been fired.  Kevin Overstreet filed a grievance Wednesday to get his job back. 

Overstreet is still on staff and, according to the Mayor, he is still the city's Emergency Management Director, but he is no longer the joint Emergency Management Coordinator for the city and county. 

In Overstreet's grievance request obtained by NewsChannel 11, Overstreet states, "The actions taken against me have been nothing more than an act of retaliation because I asked the F.B.I and the office of Texas Attorney General to look into matters of alleged public corruption."

Not everyone agrees that there is retaliation. One source who agreed to be quoted but not named tells NewsChannel 11 that it wasn't personal against Kevin Overstreet.  It was a desire to have a coordinator who is also a first responder.  Overstreet also oversees Animal Control Services.  NewsChannel 11 has been told that it is possible that the city council will suggest that Overstreet oversee only Animal Control and not Emergency Management. 

Clarification:  KCBD.com reported that Clinton Thetford was being considered as both the new Joint Emergency Management Coordinator (for city and county) as well as new Deputy Fire Chief.  In fact the paperwork has already been signed to make Thetford the new Joint Coordinator.  But he is not like likely to be considered as the new Deputy Fire Chief.  That is a separate issue.  Whoever becomes the new Deputy Fire Chief will then likely take over Emergency Management for the city. 

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