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Lubbock Man Sharing His Message With Others

He's given up everything that others fight to keep. "I started giving my stuff away little by little, clothes, furniture, vehicles, just letting it all go and before I knew it the only thing I had left in my garage was this wood and these picks."

His cause is his full time job. "You don't have to be perfect to do the will of God, cause you can read through the Bible everybody that God used to let people know about him were imperfect - they had a crazy past and my past is crazy," he said.

Johnny Landrum, 39, a modern day John the Baptist, arrives at his corner office at 6 a.m. armed with a message, Jesus saves all.

Landrum is prepared for all of the elements. He has an umbrella attached to his sign and told NewsChannel 11 that a young lady brought him a backpack with earmuffs and gloves just the other day.

He's committed to a cause that, for some, could get boring. His faith is so strong that he relies on the Lord for everything. "He told me he said don't ask for no money, no food, just know I'll take care of you and I said alright. I have a place to stay because this gentleman came up and said hey you need a place? I've got a place? It's God speaking to people's hearts."

Moments later a woman pulls up in her car and walks toward Landrum and his friend and pulls something out of her pocket. "It's just Chap Stick but you're standing out here and doing this is so awesome...God bless you," said the women.

"Even if I think I don't need it, like that Chap Stick, obviously God is saying yeah you're going to use it - It's fixing to get cold," says Landrum.

"I just saw these two guys out here and think it's so neat and a simple gesture this time of the year and Jesus saves and Jesus is the reason for the season. I was proud of them and I didn't even know them," says McGuire.

Johnny Landrum is living testimony that material things don't matter. "It's not about things, my life is the Lord. When my life was in those things I ran after those things - and I'd have a little fulfillment and I'd have to find another thing - and another thing," he says. "I might die on this corner," says Landrum

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