Texas Tech Makes Extension Offer to Coach Leach

An extension offer has been made by Texas Tech to Coach Mike Leach. Friday, an offer of more than $10 million but less than $15 million, for the next five years, is on the table for Leach.

NewsChannel 11 spoke with Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers about the offer. "We are pleased with Mike; we want Mike to be our coach regardless what has been reported. I like Mike and I hope he will accept this offer," said Myers.

The offer is not worth $3 million a year, but rather a 3 year extension making it a $12.1 million deal over five years. Breaking down the bucks, it's $5.1 million over the first 2 years and $7 million over the last 3 years, for an average of around $2.42 million a year.

As you may remember, Leach flew to Seattle to speak with University of Washington officials about a coaching job earlier this week. On Thursday, news broke that Leach took his name out of consideration for the Huskies job.

At the same time, Leach's name popped up on Auburn's wish list two days after Tommy Tuberville resigned as coach of the Tigers. But Friday afternoon, the Birmingham News website reported that Leach was no longer in the running for the Auburn University head coaching job.

On Thursday night, NewsChannel 11 reported Leach's first request for contract negotiations was turned down back in April.  NewsChannel 11 obtained an e-mail from April 29th of this year in which Athletic Director Gerald Myers seemed to be okay if Coach Mike Leach left Texas Tech. Citing concerns about money, Myers denied Leach's request to re-negotiate a contract, and stated "If better opportunities occur for him somewhere else we will fully understand."

Some viewers were not happy with us following this report.  Robert wrote us, "You did nothing but add flames to the issue. [You are] Disloyal and lack ... respect for Tech officials and [the] school"

But Kelly saw it differently, stating, "Thank you Channel 11 for the breaking story and showing all alumni the truth!  Myers has been out of touch for some time."

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Before Season: Myers Okay If Leach Leaves
NewsChannel 11 has obtained documents that show that as of April 2008, Texas Tech Athletic Director Gerald Myers seemed to be okay with losing Mike Leach as head coach of Red Raider Football.