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Homeless Population Increases in the Hub City

According to Family Promise, an organization that shelters homeless families, there are more than 300 homeless people in Lubbock every night. "Only about 160 of them had a place to stay last night. Where the rest of them stayed, I don't know," said Family Promise Development Director Alan Read.   

Read says this is a growing problem in the Hub City and something needs to be done. "Bottom line we do what we can but there is such a need out there that you just really can't meet the whole need," said Read.

During the winter, the homeless population finds itself facing a tougher battle, the freezing temperatures. "Depending on the degree of the cold, depending on the degree of insulation, clothing that the person was wearing that sort of thing and how long their exposed you actually could become hypothermic in a matter of hours and of course if you are submerged in water, even sooner," said Dr. Rob Zube. 

Hypothermia is when the body temperature is less than 95 degrees. Once it reaches 90 or below, it can be life threatening. "It's more related to typically related to lack of resources, so it's more urban cases with the homeless than any other group," said Zube.   

Purple is the color for homeless awareness. "Last night people's lips were purple, their faces were purple. If they happened to have frozen skin because they were out in the environment, they turned purple," said Read.

If you would like to help out call Family Promise at 744-5035 or you can get more information on their website at clicking here.

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