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The Feds Are Taking Over At Security Check Points at Lubbock International Airport

We are told by Lubbock's federal security director to expect little to no changes at Lubbock International Airport. But you can expect to see a different crowd controlling it all.

The Transportation Security Administration has made a smooth transition into the spot of screening passengers. "I haven't noticed anything different. I travel all the time so I'm out every week," said passenger Dadra Greathouse from Nashville. "Actually, no, I haven't noticed anything different in the security at Dallas. However, when I arrived in Lubbock, I noticed there was a lot of meetings going on with the security personnel," said Dallas passenger Steve Crawford. "Tuesday morning I noticed when we got on in Nashville, it didn't take as long as has been taking, but as far as procedure, no," said Nashville passenger Londa Moore.

T.S.A. required the 57 new federal employees at employed at L.I.A. to sit through 40 hours of training. The training was all about teaching them world class security. "The T.S.A. has set the bar high to meet that standard," said Federal Security Director, Jim Holden. He oversees not only Lubbock, but Midland, and Amarillo federal employees as well.

Holden says they are looking over some strategies to make the system work better at the check-points. "Whenever you have long lines waiting to get through, then that means there is a better way to do it. That's what we're looking for," Holden said.

T.S.A. has changed the look of security. Employees will be wearing khaki pants and soon to be white button down oxfords armed with a T.S.A. patch. "The patch on the shoulder tells a story about our mission. There are nine stars in the blue field and eleven stripes that symbolizes September 11th. And the two stripes on the Eagle's shoulder stand for the twin towers," said Holden.

Holden said the symbol is a reminder how tight screening is all that more important.

According to a federal law, the T.S.A. must have federal employees screening passengers at all commercial airports by November 19th. And across the board, T.S.A. has hired 32,000 employees.

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