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HealthWise at 5 From 9.25

  • Timing is Everything When it Comes to Treating Allergies

If your allergy medication isn't working as well as you'd like, it might have to do with when you're taking it. Experts say taking your medication before bedtime will ensure that they're circulating in your bloodstream between 4 and 8 a.m. That's when your body needs them most, because allergy defense levels are low. The report in this month issue of Health says with prescription medication but not over the counter products.

  • Hearts and Honey

The sweet taste of honey might do wonders for your heart. Researchers at the University of Illinois have found honey to be rich in antioxidants that protect the heart. It seems honey slowed the rate in which oxygen is absorbed into bad or LDL Cholesterol can lead to heart attacks and strokes. By the way the darker the honey the better.

  • Bad Behavior & Children

If your child is acting up at school, a trip to the principal's office might not be the answer. Pediatric researchers at Baylor College of Medicine say behavior problems are often the first sign of an underlying developmental issue. Experts say children will often try to hide a learning problem through tantrums or other disruptive behavior. Doctors recommend testing to determine the root of the problem.

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