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Consider This... Shop Local This Christmas

Lubbock enjoys an economic stability that other cities envy, especially right now. The diversity of the Lubbock economy has, for the most part, protected us from the recent financial snowball - a snowball that has now turned into an avalanche for hundreds of cities.

Avoiding that storm in Lubbock going forward is partly up to you. That's right; you have the power to help keep Lubbock's economy moving in the right direction.

How? Consider this, do your shopping locally this Christmas. Whether its clothes, jewelry, toys, home decor or a new TV, odds are you can get it from a local business owner.

I'd also challenge you to even forego that small discount you may get online. It's up to all of us to keep our money working for our local economy and if we don't do it the economic snowball might just hit us.

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