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Will You Pay To Play?

Hunter Edwards spent nine months saving up for a go-cart. "A good new one costs about $2,000," he says. When he heard about the Legacy Play Village being built in Lubbock, he changed his mind, all $110 of his money went to the playground. "It's better than a go-cart, and I think it'd be pretty cool for all of us kids to have a playground to play at," he said.

Donations like Hunter's are the playground's main source of funding. "Since there is no charge to get in the door, where does the money come from? So money's gonna' have to come from donations," says Julia Camp with Friends Of Legacy Play Village.

There won't be any charge to get in, if city council passes an agreement on Thursday. "We will be going under the city's umbrella and getting insurance from them. Because they have insurance over all of their parks and we're able to get insurance through them at a much less expensive price," says Camp.

Insurance would be $1,000 a year, and the Friends Of Legacy Play Village would pay the city back. "With that is a stipulation that there will be no charge into the playground. Which is wonderful, because you know what? That allows everyone to come play," says Camp.

City Parks and Recreation Manager Randy Truesdell says he thinks the city will approve the agreement, no problem. "I think they'll be supportive. We made recommendations to the city council. We've tried to follow up on every uh, concern the council has, as far as the responsibilities," he says.

Camp says that if city council does not pass the agreement, then Friends Of Legacy Play Village would need to get its own insurance. That, she says, would cost more, and then people might need to pay to get in.

In the meantime, Hunter says he's going to start saving for that go-cart again. But he has his priorities. "If we don't have enough money for the Village, I'll give all that money."

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