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Texas Coverage 9.25

It was a sign of the times, and it sold for thousands on Wednesday. A computer store in Houston paid $44,000 to haul away the five foot stainless steel sign that once stood outside an Enron office building. The sign was among 10,000 items up for bid in the liquidation auction. Bidders may participate in person or online.

David is now decent -- according to critics in Shenandoah, Texas. A replica of Michelangelo's classic statue of David now sports a fig leaf. One citizen's complaint led to the "cover up," and it's now sparked a political controversy in Montgomery County. Many area residents claim the county conservatives have gone too far.

Two bodies have just been recovered from a boating accident that happened near Dallas last weekend. Police say the boat struck an underwater obstruction and sank late Sunday night. Five people survived. Five others were killed. One body is still missing.

Tropical storm Isidore continues to move north in the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical storm warnings are now in effect from Texas through Florida. The leading edge of the storm is already hitting at lake Pontchartrain, on the north side of New Orleans. Isidore is expected to hit with hurricane strength as early as Wednesday night.

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