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The Pet Trainer: Does It Work?

Training a dog to be obedient can be a difficult task, but a product called the pet trainer claims it can make that task easier. The pet trainer device is not cheap. Most cost around $30. This is how it works, a high pitch noise is so sensitive to a dog's ear, it is supposed to get your dog to do what you tell it to do. " I think he can hear that," I said about my dog Willis.

Before we get started, my dog Willis has had some obedience training, so he is familiar with commands. The instructions say to tell your dog what to do and hold down the button for a couple of seconds. Say if your dog doesn't sit when you tell him to, then repeat the steps. "Willis come!" "Willis sit, Willis!! Looks like he's found something better to do," I said.

Okay, I knew Willis could hear the noise, he just wasn't responding. So. I found vet and pet trainer Ronda Clark and asked for her help. "Right, it's almost like some dogs pick up the particular waves very uncomfortable which usually stop the behavior. Other dogs don't have that range of hearing or aren't that sensitive. Raven is typically the one that doesn't like it and when I punch the button, you'll see her leave the area, Raven come here. Watch her," Ronda said as Raven ran away.

Ronda's other dog, Eli, is completely the opposite. "He doesn't even drop his ears back," said Ronda as she tried the pet trainer on Eli. "This is not something that can be used for teaching positive behaviors. Because if you want to teach, you have to reward them. And for most dogs, it's a negative response or no response at all," said Ronda.

So basically, it is not a pet trainer. It doesn't work.

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