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Thief Steals Christmas From Doorstep

"It was a larger gift.  I don't know if that will be replaced under these circumstances," mother Kay Kennel said.  A thief stole a piece of Christmas from their front door, and the heist is captured on tape.  An unidentified person walks up to the Kennel's Lubbock County home, and snatches a Christmas gift just minutes after a delivery man dropped it off.

The Kennel's installed security cameras at their home after a number of car burglaries in their neighborhood, but they never imagined the cameras would catch a thief taking their youngest daughter's Christmas present right off the front porch.  "It takes it to a whole other level," Kennel said. 

The Kennel's Christmas tree is short one gift this season. Last Friday, daughter Kalissa arrived home to find an empty box in the front yard, but it turns out it wasn't empty a few minutes before that. Security footage shows a delivery man drop off the gift around 6:20 p.m. Shortly after he leaves, a car pulls into the Kennel's driveway. A man gets out of the passenger side, walks up the front door, and carries the gift away.

"I couldn't believe it. To see them trying to get the whole box in, it won't fit, then they just rip it off and shove the whole thing in," Kennel said.  "To take someone's Christmas away from them," Kalissa Byrd said. 

Kalissa contacted NewsChannel 11 to share their story and to warn others.  "I think other people should now," Byrd said. 

Now, her little sister's gift is gone.  "It was personalized; it had her name on it," Byrd said.  The family doesn't know if they'll have it replaced by Christmas. "Whenever they order something, and it comes in, they expect it to be there because you're going to give it to somebody, even if you're not, it's yours. That's just not right," Byrd said. 

Mrs. Kennel says they're trying to see what they can do, but right now they're not sure what can be done. She says now, they're making sure all other deliveries are signed for, and not left outside when no one is home.

The family did file a report with authorities. If you can help identify the person in the surveillance footage, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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