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Sharp Advice: Seniors & Falls

We've all seen the commercials..."I've fallen and I can't get up".  Of course seniors need to know how to get help in an emergency but perhaps it's even more important to "fall proof" their home before they end up on the floor.  That is the focus for this week's edition of  "Sharp Advice" from former Lady Raider Coach Marsha Sharp.

A bad fall that leads to a broken bone is most senior citizens' biggest health concern.  Dr. Chris Shanklin said that falls could become more serious as we age.  Dr. Shanklin says, "Many things can happen when a senior falls, from just having a bruise and a bump to breaking a bone to even hitting their head and having a bleed inside their head and on their brain.  The consequences can be very mild to very severe and even be deadly". 

People can avoid serious falls by taking care of their health and environment.  Dr. Shanklin adds, "There are many things seniors can do to protect against falls.  One is to fall-proof their house.  That can be done by looking at the amount of rugs in the house that can be dangerous and an obstacle.  One other thing that you can do is get plenty of exercise.  There are some balance exercises that really help.  Tai Chi actually has been shown to help people with gaining extra balance in helping prevent falls".

Covenant Health System and Marsha Sharp remind you that when it comes to good health, the ball is in your court.

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