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Tough Economy Packs Animals Shelters

It's not just people feeling the effects of a struggling economy, but pets too. More people are abandoning their furry friends causing South Plains animal shelters to be overcrowded. 

Cage after cage at local animal shelters is full of dogs and cats that need special homes. Most of these animals were found wandering the streets. 

At the Haven Animal Shelter, a nonprofit, no kill facility, they have more than 250 dogs and cats. "We stay full. It's that time of year people are getting rid of their dogs it's the economy, people are dumping them out," said Haven Animal Shelter owner Joe Wilbanks.

The weakening economy definitely plays a crucial role, but at Morris Safe House, which is also full, they're seeing another trend. "During the time that Tech lets out and LSU lets out, they decide that they can't take the animals with them and so Ransom Canyon gets a lot of them and we get a lot of them," said Morris Safe House owner Bill Morris. 

"Animals that are stranded, that are out in the cold, some of them have been out there a while and they are really hungry and it's easy for them to catch something, so it's terrible on them," said Wilbanks.   

Regardless of how the animals get there, these shelter owners share the same goal. "Our thing is to just find homes for them, and good homes, and that's all we are into," said Morris. 

Tillie has been at the Haven Animal Shelter for the last 11 years. She was found wondering the streets and could really use a home this Christmas. This is the perfect time of year if you are thinking about adopting a pet to give them a forever home.

"They are all extremely healthy we don't just give them shelter care, we give them owner care," said Bill Morris. "We have to do this because we are passionate about the animals," added Sallie Morris.

If you think you might need to give up your pet, try to seek assistance from your vet or find an open shelter.

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