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Martinez Found Guilty & Sentenced To Life

Eva Camacho Garcia Eva Camacho Garcia

More than 12 years after a Lubbock woman is found dead, a family finally gets closure.

Thursday afternoon, a Lubbock County jury found Albert Martinez Jr. guilty of capital murder for the death of 45-year-old Eva Camacho Garcia.

Tears filled the courtroom from both the Garcia and Martinez families as the jury foreman read a guilty verdict. As one family lost a loved one to prison, another finally received justice. For the crime, Albert Martinez learned he will spend the rest of his life in prison for her death.

Court testimony and pictures revealed Garcia was choked, beaten and raped - images that brought tears to the Garcia family. "(It was) just like losing her all over again, like it happened yesterday," said Mary Ann Garcia, Eva Garcia's daughter. "As horrible as they were they will never overrule the good images the smile, her laughter, her silly jokes," added Sabrina Garcia, Eva Garcia's granddaughter.

More than 12 year ago, a secretary found Garcia's naked body in a flower bed of a downtown Lubbock church. In 1996 the technology was not available to link Martinez to the crime. Nearly nine years later police used DNA evidence to charge him with the crime. Court testimony revealed that DNA came from a blood spot left on the church wall recovered two days after Garcia's body was found.

Throughout the trial the defense called into question how the evidence was gathered and that another person was involved, but in less than an hour a jury found Martinez guilty and the judge automatically sentenced him to life in prison.

The defense is expected to make an appeal. We're told Martinez will be transferred from the Lubbock county jail to prison in the next few days.

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