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Bright Holiday for Soldier's Family

"This is our first Christmas without him," says Holly McBroom. Army Reserve Staff Sergeant Coby McBroom left in August just one month after graduating from the Lubbock Police Academy.

He is currently serving with the Civil Service 413 Unit in Najaf, Iraq. But what about his job come Christmas time? "Putting up the lights, that was his thing, and the kids were really disappointed I wasn't going to climb on the roof, but they understood that and so to get the call that we had been selected was just fantastic," says McBroom.

With James Tuttle's help and a nomination from McBooms sister-in-law his job is done. "McBroom is giving his all laying his life on the line for us and the least we can do is say thank you," says Tuttle of Tree Loving Care.

Holly says even though her husband isn't here to celebrate he'll still be a part of the family tradition. She says her husband wanted her to send pictures and simply anything she could get a hold of because he wanted to see it. "He's due home in August and if she wants us to leave it up till August we'll leave it up," says Tuttle of the Christmas decorations.  

As soon as the sun set Thursday NewsChannel 11 went to the McBrooms to see the light show.  "It looks pretty doesn't it," said Emma McBroom.

With the help of the World Wide Web Staff Sergeant McBroom can share the moment with his family. "We miss and love him. I'm glad we have the lights. He'd get the biggest kick out of seeing it - and be even happier because he didn't have to get up and do it!" Said Holly McBroom.

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