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Mosquito Pill to Keep You From Getting Bitten

It's called the mosquito 'diet pill'. University of Florida researchers say they've developed this natural way to kill mosquito larvae, thereby protecting families from mosquito borne illnesses like the West Nile virus.

The so-called diet pill, made from a female mostquito hormone,is distributed to breeding areas through tiny yeast granules. When mosquito larvae eat the granules, it blocks the insect's digestive system and quickly starves them to death. "They can be sold for people that can actually treat their ponds, yards, water bath that a lot of time accumulates a lot of mosquito larvae or even standing water in the yard, you can put these granules in," says Dr. Dov Borovsky, Insect Chemist.

You can't buy it yet, but pending government approval, the granules could be available to consumers within a year. With the threat of the West Nile virus and other mosquito borne illnesses, researchers believe the mosquito diet pill has the potential to save many lives. The product has been licensed to a North Carolina company, which plans to market the non-toxic, environmentally safe granules to consumers.

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