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Children who Take Ritalin may Need to Limit Use of the Drug

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of rock and roll legend Elvis Presley and spokesperson for the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights, led a panel of witnesses that testified about their concerns over whether physicians are too quick to prescribe ritalin to treat ADHD. Presley, who is also a mother of two, spoke about the increase in overmedicating children with addictive drugs.

"The reason that I got involved was because I have had personal experience around children who are medicated and I see their behavior and I see that it is usually something very obvious, they do have allergies, I have seen them on it, I've seen them manic, crazy and then they come off of it and there is a whole other story, if you actually find the reason, there is always a simple explanation for it, I just don't want to see our future generation being drugged and I also don't like to see it promoted as something non addictive when it absolutely is," said Presley.

ADHD is the most common neurobehavioral disorder of childhood. It is estimated that four to six million children in the U.S. take ritalin daily a 500% increase in the use of ritalin since 1990.

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