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KTXT Student Broadcasters May Move Online

Friday, Texas Tech students protested at the Merket Alumni Center, asking University officials not to shut down the University radio station KTXT-FM.

The University Student Media Department closed the station Wednesday. "It was a punch in the gut basically," said KTXT host Emerson Stone of the news the station was closing. 

Students were upset when they found out KTXT would no longer be on the air, as was Texas Tech Alumni Josh Ray who used to work at KTXT. "That was an immensely educational experience for me, and I want to see other students be able to have those same educational experiences," said Ray. 

Ray lives in Austin now and works for Spacial Audio Solutions, a company that broadcasts radio online. In an effort to save the KTXT experience, Ray's company offered to donate the technology to keep the station running on the web. "Assuming that the University has a decent computer, and the equipment needed to make it happen, we could have KTXT back up on a different format today (Friday)," said Ray. 

On Friday the Student Media Department told NewsChannel 11 they will not broadcast KTXT, but if students resurrect it on their own, they could use the online format. "I just really hope that we can maybe get the University to reconsider because we really love this station," said Stone. 

The Student Media Department does plan to create a broadcasting presence online with news, sports, talk shows, and possibly music, but they say it will not be KTXT. Students who work at the radio station would rather continue to broadcast on FM, but they agree going online is a good alternative. "Online broadcasting is great, and it certainly gives you a lot of options as to what you can play and what you can do with it.  On the other hand, terrestrial radio, like AM and FM, still is the major source of music," said Stone. 

Students are holding a benefit concert for the station tonight in an effort to get back on the air. That will be at 8 p.m. at Jake's at 50th & Slide. Tickets are $5.

Texas Tech asked us to clarify that KTXT-FM is not to be confused with KTXT Television. The public television station operations continue as normal.

Farewell to KTXT 88.1 FM
After 47 years on the air, 88.1 FM, Texas Tech's student run radio station, signed off for good. It was a decision that Tech officials say was a tough one, but it was even tougher for those who love KTXT.

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