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GOTCHA! Texas Litterbugs Beware

Thirty-three million dollars, that's how much taxpayers paid to clean up litter along Texas highways last year. Now, TX-DOT is going straight to the source, but they need your help.

The GOTCHA! program allows Texans to report any litterers they see tossing trash out of their vehicle, or accidentally littering from an uncovered load.

All you need to do is to write down a few things about the incident:

  • The license plate number (Texas plates only)
  • Make of the vehicle
  • Date 
  • Time of day
  • Where it happened
  • Item littered
  • Driver, Passenger, Bed of Truck?

Then call 888-TEX-8683 to submit the information.or you can do it online at (

Only Texas law enforcement can issue a ticket. But the offender will receive a letter, along with a Don't Mess With Texas litter bag to remind them to put their trash where it belongs!

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