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Sprinklers Off Limits In Freezing Temperatures

Although it hasn't snowed just yet parts of Lubbock look like a Winter Wonderland - illegally.

If you've been driving around town you've seen the icy yards. The city says it's because of sprinklers. It's illegal to be running them anytime the temperature falls below 35 degrees. The city ordinance says that "winter irrigation may only occur when temperatures are above 35 degrees so as not to cause a freezing hazard."

Stuart Walker, Code Administration Manager for Lubbock says that he and his team check yards out around town and if they find a violation the city will issue a written notice of violation. The city wants citizens to have the chance to fix their sprinkler system. When citizens don't voluntarily comply - tickets will be issued.

That ticket could be a Class C misdemeanor and it's the same for business and residential properties. Violators could see a $200 fine for each day it's not taken care of. The city checked out 20 complaints Monday and they say they have received 75 calls since last Wednesday.

If you see a violation they encourage you to call the Irrigation Hotline at 775-3952.

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