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City Urges Folks To Turn Off Sprinklers During Freezing Weather

Temperatures are expected to plunge into the teens on Monday night. Then add water, which the city ordinance says is not supposed to be there, and you have some potentially dangerous streets.

The sprinkle of water on a cold winter night is something that could earn you up to a $200 fine. "We're asking people to do is if they don't need them turn off their sprinkler system all together. Second if you are going to run them, run them during the day," said City Code Administration Manager Stuart Walker.

Walker and his team monitor water violations in the city of Lubbock. He says on Monday they spoke with more than 20 people about ice issues on their property. Moreover, since last Wednesday they have received about 75 watering complaints. "We go out and check things out. If we find a violation, we give a written notice of violation. We want people to have a chance to fix their sprinkler system," Walker said.

Running your sprinkler in freezing conditions can cause more than just ice on your lawn and sidewalk. Lubbock Police say frozen over-flow from a sprinkler caused a rollover accident in West Lubbock last week. Thankfully, the driver went to University Medical Center with only moderate injuries.

Walker says under the city's conservation plan, runoff is not a violation. Instead, watering when the temperature drops below 35 degrees is a violation. So to ensure that's the case, Walker says his team carries around thermometers when checking out complaints. "We need to be able to see evidence of a violation before we can cite a violation. Right now we're doing a lot of education with people that we see there is problems with their sprinkler systems," Walker said.

Walker says if the problem is not resolved violators face a Class C Misdemeanor ticket. To report a possible watering violation, call the Irrigation Hotline at 775-3952.

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Report Water Waste in the City of Lubbock
To report a waste of water or to leave a complaint about water runoff, please call the Water Wasting Hotline at (806) 775-3952.

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