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Brownfield Residents React To Possible Recall Election

Tuesday, Brownfield residents are waiting to find out if their mayor will face a recall election.

Petitioner organizers needed to collect 500 valid signatures in order to recall Brownfield Mayor Glenn Waters. The city won't release the official count until Wednesday, but petition organizers are confident they've collected enough signatures to call an election. "We didn't go out to hurt anyone human being.  It's the system we object to," said Petition organizer Sue Cotrell. 

In November, Cotrell and her husband Harvey started a recall petition for Mayor Waters. Brownfield residents seem split on the issue.

"I was just very displeased with what the mayor had to say about our Fire Department," said Brownfield resident Barbara Fullingim. 

"I think that they shouldn't recall the mayor. I think they should just leave it the way it is," said Brownfield resident Connie Vasquez. 

The Cotrell's wanted to raise awareness about recent changes in the way the city voted on issues, mainly dealing with the Fire Department. "The Fire Department has always voted personally on their own Fire Chief, and anybody could put in their names, which is of course the American way, but this time it was changed and the City Council and them already voted and decided the new Fire Chief," said Cotrell. 

The Cotrell's say they oppose the city government making decisions without consulting the people, "we believe in our community. We believe in the people in it, and we believe they have rights."

That's why the restaurant owners became local political activists, and they think they've accomplished their goal. The petition garnered about 640 signatures; more than the 500 needed for the recall election. Waters is supposed to serve until May 2010, but if the signatures are approved Wednesday Brownfield residents will vote on whether or not to keep Waters in office.

Mayor Waters said he would not comment on the recall until Wednesday at noon. NewsChannel 11 will continue to follow this story and bring you all the latest developments.

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