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Brownfield Mayoral Recall Petition Verified

It's official - Brownfield Mayor Glenn Waters will face a recall election.

In November, Brownfield residents decided to take matters at City Hall into their own hands when they started a recall petition. Brownfield residents needed 500 signatures to recall Mayor Glenn Waters. 

Wednesday, Brownfield's City Council called a special meeting to announce the city will hold a recall election. "I will not resign as Mayor of Brownfield. I'm aware of all the points against me, and I am more than confident that when the actual facts come out they will prove that I have done nothing wrong," said Water's at the council's special meeting Wednesday. 

More than 500 Brownfield residents disagree. They think Waters did enough wrong to sign a petition for a recall election. Petition organizers say they think city officials make too many decisions without consulting the people. "The system has changed. It's not about what the public wants. It's about committees," said Sue Cotrell. 

One example petition signers use is the hiring of the city's new Fire Chief. They're upset the council appointed the position instead of letting the Fire Department vote like it's done in the past.

City council members say it isn't the mayor's fault because the City Manager is responsible for personnel, and the mayor didn't even vote when the issue was brought before the Council. "I think the Mayor did everything just right. I think the City Council would back him on all that, and the people that elected us supposedly trusted us to make right decisions," said Councilman Dale Travis.

However, if enough people feel the council hasn't made the right decisions, Brownfield might get a new Mayor. The recall election is May 9th. That's the same time as the regular municipal election. If the Mayor is removed from office at that time, Brownfield's City Council will appoint someone to serve the last year of his term.

Petition Started to Recall Brownfield Mayor
The clock is ticking for Brownfield residents trying to recall Mayor Glenn Waters. A petiton is know being circulated in Brownfield in an effort to recall the mayor.

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