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Confusion Over City Council Minutes

Wednesday, the Lubbock City Council gave a second reading and final permission to the fire chief to hire a new deputy who will replace Kevin Overstreet as the Emergency Management Director.

Overstreet has already been ousted as the joint Emergency Management Coordinator for city and county. Overstreet oversees animal control and will continue to do so.

Another closely related item before council Wednesday caused allegations that public records are being erased. During the November 6th city council meeting John Leonard and Kevin Overstreet exchanged words about the state of animal control.

Wednesday morning, the council approved the minutes from that meeting in a six to one vote. But what now will show on paper doesn't reflect the words exchanged by council members last month in as much detail.

That is because the council decided to take parts of conversation from written record. Something Councilwoman Linda DeLeon disagrees with. "I have a problem with the meat of the minutes being taken out and only having one or two sentences," said DeLeon.

But other council members tell NewsChannel 11 this was right thing to do to make the minutes correct. "There were some things that were not correct in the minutes and we just cleaned them up a little bit," said Councilman John Leonard.  

DeLeon thinks there are other reasons behind the changes. "In case of litigation or others questioning actually what took place at that council meeting when they were chastising a city employee in front of the public Mr. Overstreet. That this kind of tones it down because there was a lot in the body of those official minutes."

Mayor Tom Martin tells NewsChannel 11 that, "The comments that were stricken, in his opinion, were self serving and irrelevant to any city council action."

NewsChannel 11 spoke to Kevin Overstreet's lawyer Rob Hopson. Hopson says, "There's a tape. I think the DVD is the best evidence of what happened."

NewsChannel 11 will continue to follow this story and bring you more as it develops.

Emergency Management Coordinator Essentially Fired
The City and County Joint Emergency Management Coordinator has essentially been fired. Kevin Overstreet filed a grievance Wednesday to get his job back.

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