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Police Offer Added Security For Vacationers

Many South Plains families will hit the road this weekend for holiday travel, and Lubbock Police want to make sure your home is safe while you're away. So, they're offering a free service to add to your security plans.

When you see a home with the front porch light on, lights on inside, or even the Christmas lights on, you can't be sure anyone is actually home.  That's the point according to authorities.  They say the more you can make your home look like someone is there it will help detour would be burglars.

To add to your protection, Lubbock Police will register your address so they know when you're on vacation. It's not guarantee your home will stay safe, but it adds to the security. Officers will check your home when they can, and if an alarm goes off, they'll know no-one is supposed to be inside your residence.  

"What that does is, it lets officers riding in that given area know that your house will be vacant for a number of days, and when they get a free chance or they're able to, they'll drive by and look things over," Lubbock Police Captain Greg Stevens said.  To register your address with police, just call (806) 775-2865, but again it's just one of many steps to keep your home safe.

Police also recommend stopping your mail delivery, or having a friend or family member pick it up. Also, they recommend having a friend or family member swing by and check things out, and they suggest placing timers on some lights in your home so they'll turn on in the evenings. Of course you do want to make sure all of you doors and windows are locked, not only in your home, but also in your garage and out buildings.

Staying Safe Around Your Home
The Lubbock Police Department put together this useful manual. It's a checklist of what you can look for around your home to keep you and your family safe.

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