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Tara House Hopes for a New Owner

The Tara House has played many roles for more than 65 years in Lubbock, but today it remains empty and for sale. "There is very little history in Lubbock and I think we need to try to save what we can. You know these new metal buildings aren't as quite as endearing," said potential house bidder Tom Whiteside. 

Built in 1941 the owners designed it to look like the house in the movie 'Gone with the Wind', it later was renovated as a restaurant, and then became the office for the Rip Griffin Companies. Most recently the Tara House was considered to be moved and turned into Lubbock's visitor center.

On Thursday the doors were open to anyone interested in buying. "I danced in the basement when they had a dance floor back there and had a restaurant," said Whiteside.

Tom Whiteside says he has many memories in the Tara House and is considering placing a bid.  "I'm interested in saving it however I can, if there is anybody interested in that, that's what I would like to see happen," said Whiteside. 

Right now the Tara West House sits on the corner of 4th and Slide, but it won't be that way for long. If someone does purchase the house from the city, it must be moved because of the upcoming expansion of Slide Road.

However moving the house may not seem possible to some potential buyers. "My wife's aunt use to live here, so that's one of the reasons we came to look at it, but I just don't see how it would be possible to move it and salvage the building. We had talked about making a Bed and Breakfast out of it, but after looking at it, I'm not sure that's possible," said potential bidder Calvin Worley. 

The city is confident the house will be sold, but if it is not, the council will have to re-evaluate.

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